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    Training with Down District Dog Training Club

    We offer a range of training opportunities from puppy classes through to competition obedience and agility. Click on your main area of interest from the Training sub menu on the left.


    It would be helpful if members could note the following:

    Please keep dogs on lead at all times unless directed otherwise by trainer.

    Please use a normal buckle and lead ( no retractable leads, choke chains, half-check collars or chain collars). Headcollars may be used if required.

    Treats should be tasty -ordinary dried kibble or dry bonio type biscuits do not make good training treats. Small pieces of chicken, sausage, cheese, sardine cake or other favourite food are best.

    Keep treats within easy reach  - a small bag in your pocket, bum bag or special treat bag is best.

    Toys should be small enough to keep in pocket. Tuggy-type interactive toys are best and these should be kept apart from other toys and used when training or playing with your dog.

    Please pick up after your dogs both at the training hall and at the agility field and please take poo away for disposal.

    All club members wishing to train in Agility are expected to help with setting up equipment and its dismantling and storage at the end of training.

    Agility training may be cancelled at short notice in adverse weather conditions.

    Please dress appropriately for your comfort: flat shoes/boots and for agility, loose fitting trousers and rain gear when appropriate.



    Please take the time to read our club policy



      (Affiliated to the Kennel Club)       White background




      Established 1970

      Chairperson: Mary Morgan

      Training Co-ordinators:                              

      Pet Dog Training/Good Citizen:    Jennifer Agate          07912224350

      Competition Obedience Training  Jillian Davis              07748146336

      Agility Training:                                Mary Morgan             07752978076          


      Secretary: Brenda Patterson

      Treasurer: Antoinette Traynor


      ** The main aim of the Club is to encourage responsible dog ownership through positive training methods and to promote a better image of dogs in society**


      Please take time to read our ‘club policy’ which is designed to ensure the safe and effective running of the club at both the Obedience venue and the Agility training field.


      1. Dogs must be on lead at all time unless under training supervision.
      2. Dog poo must be cleaned up and taken away with you.
      3. It is advisable to have a current vaccination certificate.
      4. Dogs suffering from infectious diseases eg kennel cough, must be kept away from the Club until given a clean bill of health.
      5. Bitches in season may be permitted to attend in exceptional circumstances
      6. It is club policy to use positive reinforcement training methods, using toys and food.
      7. Harsh handling will not be tolerated.
      8. No correction/choker collars are permitted
      9. Handlers please respect property at both the obedience venue and the agility training field.
      10. Young handlers (10 years +) are welcome to participate in the training once trainers have assessed their level of understanding and ability. They must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
      11. Whilst younger children are welcome, they should be of an age where they can remain seated and clam. They should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. All dogs, even the most even-tempered, have the capacity to bite when frightened.
      12. All Club members wishing to train in Agility are expected to help with the setting up and taking down of equipment.
      13. If necessary, referrals can be made for one-to-one behavioural advice.
      14. It is advisable that the dog is handled by the same person every week to avoid confusing the dog.
      15. Members parking at the club and at the agility ground do so at their own risk.
      16. Club members should be encouraging to each other and treat other club members with the same level of respect they would expect to receive.




      Monday evenings:


      Puppy training                    7.00 -8.00pm

      Junior/ Adult ( Bronze) training  8.150-9.15pm

      Silver/Gold training            7.15 (times and venues may vary)


      Thursday evenings:                     

      Competition Obedience training            7.00-9.30pm (speak to Lynda/Jillian)


      Agility training:        (speak to Mary/Jennifer)

      Summer - 5.30 -10.00 pm             Winter - Saturday 9.30am – 12.30pm



      **Please remember theses premises are privately owned so treat them as you would your own. The club is your Club and the people who run it and train you are all volunteers. Any help is always welcome eg Cleaning up and sweeping the floor on training nights and also at the 2 Agility and 2 Obedience shows that we run each year.**

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